From June 26-28, 2020, Dong Son Company organized a 2020 tour for its employees to visit and relax in Cat Ba archipelago – Hai Phong city with the participation of nearly 90 public officials. employee.

Organizing an annual vacation for employees is one of the annual activities that the Company’s leaders always focus on, the attention to the spiritual life of employees has brought joy, moments of rest. , relax with colleagues, relatives and families of employees after stressful working days. At the same time, it is an opportunity for members of the common roof of Dong Son to exchange and understand each other, as well as to respond to the efforts, striving and dedication of everyone in production and business. business in the past year and the change of Dong Son as it is today.

This is also an opportunity to rest and regenerate the Company’s employees, timely encourage employees to contribute to promoting the fulfillment of production and business targets in 2020.

In addition to time for officials and employees to relax, relax, explore famous landscapes and landscapes of Cat Ba archipelago; The organizers also organized a beach teambuilding program and a gala dinner program for all participants to show solidarity, collective strength, creative inspiration for employees and connection between members. in the Dong Son family.

The program to visit and relax in Cat Ba Islands in 2020 has left many imprints in the hearts of employees. Leaving, everyone left deep impressions of the beautiful coastal city of Hai Phong, of laughter, joy, and interesting discoveries during the journey.

Here are some pictures from the vacation: