Supervision consultancy

Supervision consultancy

Taking advantage of the capacity of design consultancy, construction and installation experience, Dong Son Company aims to develop and expand into the field of Supervision Consulting, with the following main functions:

  • Inspection – Supervise the entire construction process of each item on the project, ensuring that the construction units comply with the approved design drawings.
  • Detect and handle errors arising on construction sites, support investors and construction contractors to correct and propose solutions to improve the quality of works, overcome errors restrictions exist.
  • Manage and closely monitor the quality of construction of each construction item on the project, accurately and timely capture the work taking place on the construction site.
  • Monitor and supervise construction progress of construction units, inspect all construction methods, technical equipment, labor skills.
  • Ensure contractors comply strictly with occupational safety and sanitation regulations.
  • Evaluate errors, limitations, and irrationalities in design drawings, advise investors and coordinate with design consultants to verify design, construction drawings and topics export correcting the limitations of defects.
  • Strictly monitor the quality of input materials, and the equipment used on the construction work that the construction unit has included.
  • Check and accept each construction item and confirm the completion drawing for the project.

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