Winning Regent Garment Factory – Phase III package

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With the motto “Trust successfully confirmed continuity of works”, on 06th May 01 2017, Dong Son honored to continue to win the bid package: Design and Construction of Factory Tinh Loi – Phase 3 (Block 5), again confirms the quality of the work done by the Dong Son satisfy the requirements for the design and construction of the investor. Tinh Loi bid package Factory – Stage 3 in the first month of 2017 promises a good year of JSC Construction and Trade Dong Son.

Package: Tinh Loi Plant – Phase 3 includes the main work: (1) Structural design and architecture, and (2) Construction, electrical systems for Factory (No. 5), warehouse and ancillary works projects (Garages, locker area, fences, internal roads, water supply and drainage system, WC Zone, miniatures, etc.).

The tender was started in March 01/2017 and is scheduled for completion and commissioning in June 09/2017.

Some of the key information P3-B5 Package: Factory Tinh Loi – Phase 3:

zone 1&2&3 copy

Perspective of the three-phase core computer

zone 1 copy

Plant Phase 1 core computer

zone 2 copy

Plant Phase 2 core computerzone 3 copy

Total area: 18,000 m2

Total contract value: 200 000 000, 000 VND

Implementation period: 8 months

Owner: Factory Co., Ltd. core computer

General contractor: JSC Construction and Trade Dong Son

Location: IZ Laiwu, Kim Thanh District, Hai Duong Province