Human resources

Dong Son has a team of officially trained engineers at home and abroad. The rest are skilled workers in construction and construction activities.

Machinery equipment

Dong Son Company constantly invests to upgrade a huge number of modern construction equipment to meet the requirements of progress as well as quality of all types of works.


Dong Son always receives support from banks, suppliers of construction materials and materials, so it always meets timely, all mobilization requirements of the project, ensuring the progress of construction in the right time. link.


The construction capacity and experience of Dong Son has been demonstrated through a series of large and small projects throughout the provinces and cities across the country.


Along with the strength in the field of Consultancy, Construction is the main activity, spearhead of Dong Son Company. In order to construct large and complex projects that require high technical level, the Company constantly updates and innovates modern construction machines and equipment, improves construction methods suitable for each type. works, and at the same time, constantly recruiting, training and improving skills for staff from design staff, technical staff to supervise and implement to the staff directly involved in production, processing and construction works.

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