Design Consultancy

Design Consultancy

Design consultancy is one of the areas of initialization, first born in the areas of operation of XD & amp; Dong Son Trading. The design consulting products of Dong Son are always highly appreciated for creativity, impression as well as the appropriateness of structural, architectural and landscape solutions to best meet the investors’ needs. workplace, living and production. With a team of architects, skilled engineers, the design consultancy products of Dong Son are a clever combination between trained knowledge, experience and creative exploration, clever combination between Modern, traditional trends, creating works with unique identities.

Some activities of Main design consultant of Dong Son are as follows:

  1. Design consultancy for construction of civil, industrial, transport, irrigation and technical infrastructure.
  2. Planning design, architecture, structure, landscape
  3. Consulting design of fire protection systems, mechanical and electrical systems;
  4. Designing power projects: transmission lines, electric transformer stations, civil and industrial electrical works
  5. Design water supply and drainage works for industrial, civil and transport areas.

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